King Solomon Lemegeton XI

King of Paradigm and Head of the Lemegeton House


Theme Song: The Kingdom City of Meltokio – Tales of Symphonia

Race: Human
Occupation: King of Paradigm
Titles: Leader of Humanity, The Torchbearer, The People’s King
Age: 43
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Physical Description: King Solomon stands tall and proud, his eyes stern and ever focused on his goals like a hawk. His short, brown hair begins to show sign of experience, as streaks of silver prance through his locks like flashes of light. Regal clothing and armor befitting a king are draped across his broad shoulders, yet despite his status as king, his presence seems to demand respect and attention. The ends of his mustache twirl slightly upward due to his penchant of playing with the ends of it when deep in thought.


King Solomon ascended to power at a young age, quickly proving that he was more than capable to lead mankind in their efforts to come. He was the first human to make a pact with a Primarch, marking the beginning of the time period known as the Goetia. This pact was established between King Solomon and the Primarch Count Andromalius.



King Solomon is stern and fearless, never failing to say what needs to be said. His pragmatism shows in every sentence, leading him to sometimes come off as blunt or insensitive. On the contrary, King Solomon’s compassion is legendary, as he reciprocates the genuine love his people feel for him.

King Solomon Lemegeton XI

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