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  • zzz Event Template

    *This template is to be used for any kind of major world event or major event involving the player characters.*
    Always tag with the tag "event", the name of the event and any relevant PCs, NPCs, creatures, other events, items, points …

  • History of Purgatorio

    *Details:* Man's history has been short, but grand. They climbed from the Pits of Paradisio as primal savages and quickly turned themselves into scholars and warriors. The history of man is divided into five major components.

    h2. The Age of …

  • The Engraved, The Branding, and The Gates

    [Replace with picture. Set height to 500 and center]

    *Theme Song:*

    *Details:* To enable planar travel, players must undergo the Branding and become Engraved. This process involves the carving of magical runes and bindings into the …