History of Purgatorio

Details: Man’s history has been short, but grand. They climbed from the Pits of Paradisio as primal savages and quickly turned themselves into scholars and warriors. The history of man is divided into five major components.

The Age of Darkness

When man roamed the depths of the Pits, their minds savage and stupid

The Notoria

When man was brought into the light, their fates revolutionized forever

The Almadel

When man learned of the Branding, their bodies red with freedom

The Paulina

When man begin to roam the planes, their brothers spreading to other worlds

The Theurgia-Goetia

When man made contact with the first primarchs, their movements watched by ancient eyes

The Goetia

When man forged the first pact with the Primarchs, their souls bound by the Brand

History of Purgatorio

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