The Key of Paradisio

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Item Type: Unique, Artifact

Details: The Key to Paradisio is a massive obelisk that fell from the heavens and landed in the Pits of Purgatorio in an event later known as the Notoria. Along its exterior was the ability for man to rise above their primal habits and grow into sentient, civilized beings. They learned how to educate, teach, analyze, and invent thanks to the Key of Paradisio.

Eventually, man learned of Paradisio from the object’s archives. A land of eternal youth, comforts and indulgences as far as one could see, and a life of peace awaited one at the top of Purgatorio. Along with this prophecy, the knowledge of the Branding and the ability to traverse the interconnected demiplanes through use of the Gates came, spurring humanity into the Paulina.

The Key of Paradisio

Purgatorio Stronger