The Primarchs


The Primarchs are great beings that have existed since before the Age of Darkness. While they do not have a proper name for their kin, the men have named them the Primarchs, to which the known Primarchs have accepted.

Before the Almadel, these great beings watched men rise from the darkness and learn the ways of the Brand. First contact between man and Primarch marked the beginning of the time called the Theurgia-Goetia, the time when men looked to the Primarchs for answers. Although some have been cooperative, no Primarch has revealed their origins, or why man and Primarch have been trapped in the world of Purgatorio. These beings usually act in their own self-interest, only cooperating in exchange for a service or payment, but some are known to act in ways deemed irregular by men and Primarch alike. Regardless, Primarchs must be handled on an individual basis as all-encompassing statements and procedures prove to be ineffective.

The first pact between man and Primarch signaled the beginning of the current time, the Goetia. This historic pact was forged between King Solomon Lemegeton XI and the Primarch Count Andromalius, a spirit of goodness and justice. While claiming they have no knowledge of the Brand and the pacts it may forge, Primarchs seem to instinctually respond when prompted to form a pact. Andromalius in particular has greatly assisted man’s efforts to learn about the Primarchs, but has seemingly forgotten the knowledge of the origin of life in Purgatorio, why the Brand and pact making came to be, or what lies in the land of Paradisio. He stated to the King after the pact had been forged:

“I know not why the Primarchs have been bound to our native planes nor why the Key to Paradisio had fallen to the Pits. I know not even where I come from nor why I exist in this plane. I do however feel the presence of other planes and other Primarchs. One of them must know the secrets you are seeking. Go forth, king of men, and cross the void to other worlds. Use the power of the pacts to find your answers.”

The Branded who wander the planes have compiled the names of the known Primarchs into a single collection of tomes deemed the Pseudomonarchia Daemonium, kept by the Academy of Solomon and only accessible to those of an Engraved status or higher. All information regarding Primarchs is extremely valuable and usually incites monetary compensation in exchange for any legitimate information from the Branded who have forged a pact with the being in question.

Forging the Pacts

An Engraved can contractually bind a great spirit into providing council or assistance when called upon. Given the strange nature of Primarchs, many will ask that one provide them with services in exchange for their unique binding seals, the basis of the Pact, although few Primarchs of a benevolent nature may offer their seals freely as seen in a few documented cases. These Primarchs are seen as exceptions as many of the Primarchs encountered so far are usually blatantly greedy or have their own self-interests in mind.

When an Engraved and Primarch agree to the terms of the pact, the Primarch must present its seal in its hand and the Engrave rests their hand on it. When prepared, the Engraved incants:

“I do invoke the power of the Brand to bind thee, (name and rank), to my service.”

To which the Primarch responds with:

“I do acknowledge the pact and swear to provide council and power to thee, (name of binder).”

Once completed, the Primarch’s pact circle becomes memorized by the Engraved, which may be utilized when called upon. The Primarch will always have knowledge of which plane the Engraved resides on and may mentally request council across the planes. An Engraved may use their Brands to invoke the power of any pact they have with a Primarch. This invocation manifests in two forms: the Summoning or the Evocation.

The Summoning:

The summoning requires the Branded to inscribe the Primarch’s seal into the ground and speak the Passage of Council.

“Spirit heed my words, I do invocate and conjure thee, oh great spirit (name), and being with power affirmed from the Supreme Power of Paradisio, I do conjure thee in the name of council.”

Once incanted, the spirit will appear and provide brief council to the best of their knowledge similar to the 2nd level spell Augury.

The Evocation:

The evocation is similar to the summoning, yet is a shorter incantation drawing power directly from a Primarch’s inner power as agreed upon as a portion of the pact rites. This direct power is more potent, yet lacks consciousness found in the Summoning.

The evocation may be invoked in a single action, wherein the image of the Primarch manifests and casts a spell unique to the spirit. These spells are mighty spells not normally accessible through worship or regular pacts. While invoking the evocation, the Engraved’s Brand twitches with a quick pump and glows with a bright light as the Primarch’s seal is conjured in front of the Engraved. The Primarch’s spiritual image varies in size and is also unique to the Primarch.

The Primarchs

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