zzz Creature Template

This template is to be used for any kind of wildlife, unique creature, or any special race of beings including Primarchs
Always tag the page with the name of the creature and “creature”. If the creature belongs to a named species, also include it in the tags. If unknown, tag is "unidentified"

[Replace with picture. Set height to 500 and center]

Theme Song: (Write the title of the song and the artist, then hyperlink to the relevant song. Only include a theme for unique/individual creatures. Otherwise, delete this line)

Classification Choose from: Species, Aberrant
Habitat: Link the region where the creature can be found

Description: Introductory paragraph, possibly who discovered the beast or where it was first spotted

Behavior: Include the creature's behavioral patterns

Combat: Include any relevant notes on how this creature hunts or fights in combat

Miscellaneous: For any notes that don't fit in above. Otherwise, leave blank

zzz Creature Template

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