Low Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Goetian Invocations, Welsh and Celtic Mythology, Classical Dungeons and Dragons monsters and pantheons

Source Materials:
Clavicula Solomonis Regis
Pseudomonarchia Daemonium
The Mabinogion
Dungeons and Dragons
Norse Mythology
Middle Eastern Mythology

Players will travel through the connected demiplanes to establish pacts with the Primarchs. These pacts will be required to break great seals and progress through different tiers of Purgatorio’s demiplanes, with stronger beings residing on higher tiers. Their noble sponsors, pact requirements, and personal motivation will drive players to journey into more dangerous worlds.

Purgatorio: a web of interconnected demiplanes, each overseen by a being of great power. No being has left its inescapable grasp, or at the least returned to tell their tale.

What we would call the civilized world has been banished to the lower planes, called the Pits. Here is where early man wandered the Pits in purposeless stupor, surviving on instincts and incapable of higher thought. In the darkness of the lower planes, a blinding flash of light brought forth an immense epitaph, bringing the early men out of the Age of Darkness in an event later named the Notoria.

The early men who read the epitaph gained the knowledge to revolutionize themselves, learning arts and sciences to bring themselves out of the darkness. The epitaph also bore knowledge of the land of Paradisio, the heavenly land of light and plenty that exists outside of Purgatorio, and later, the Branding, the method of creating pacts between man and the Primarchs to break the seals leading to Paradisio. The epitaph and the knowledge it bestowed upon man became the center of the civilized world, becoming known as the Key to Paradisio.

The Branding is a painful process known only to a few noble families, potentially killing those of insufficient constitution. Once the process in complete, however, the chosen hold the power to cross the borders between realities using Gates, freeing themselves of their planar binding. Those who undertake the Branding and seek Paradisio are the Engraved, skilled warriors and adept scholars who seek to break free of the Pits and journey out into the planes, hoping to find what they seek.


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