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  • zzz Item Template

    *This template is to be used to detail an item of interest or of importance*
    Always tag with the tag "item", the name of the item, and any relevant PCs, NPCs, creatures, other events, items, points of interest, or settlements as needed …

  • The Key of Paradisio

    [Replace with picture if possible. Set height to 500 and center]

    *Theme Song:*

    Item Type: Unique, Artifact

    *Details:* The Key to Paradisio is a massive obelisk that fell from the heavens and landed in the Pits of …

  • Pseudomonarchia Daemonium

    *Theme Song:* "King's Field IV - Main Menu":https://youtu.be/XTK9xWZ4obQ

    *Item Type:* Artifact

    *Details:* The Branded who wander the planes have compiled the names of the known Primarchs into a single collection of tomes deemed the …