75 - Count Maglubiyet

Theme Song:

Classification Primarch
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Invocation: Darkness
Habitat: Demiplane 75 – A twisting, maze-like cave system with full of jagged rock and stifling heat. Larger caves are dimly lit by lava deposits far below.

Description: Maglubiyet towers over his goblinoid worshippers at ten feet in height. His black hair stands wildly on edge and his chiseled form is obscured by his dark, obsidian skin. A single white eye glows from his scarred face as he stands with his hands resting on his axe, dripping with fresh blood.

Behavior: Maglubiyet is a terrifying foe, felling swarms of humans that aim to pass through his realm. Were it not for his compassion and level-headedness with his goblin worshippers, he would be called heartless

Combat:Maglubiyet fights savagely with a jet-black axe with a jagged edge. It drips constantly with a stream of crimson blood.


75 - Count Maglubiyet

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