76 - Count Dian Cecht

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Classification Primarch
Alignment: Lawful Good
Invocation: Mass Healing Word
Habitat: Demiplane 76 – The inside of a strange white castle unlike anyone has ever seen. The ceilings reach hundreds of feet into the air and the walls and floors are covered in white marble that echo Dian Cecht’s footsteps throughout its structure. There exists a small number of interconnected foyers and living areas, but the entire castle possesses only two doors. The first door is a door only Dian Cecht can enter, which leads to an unknown area, and the other door allows no being to open it, including Dian Cecht herself.

Description: Dian Cecht is a tall woman standing at just under 7 feet tall. Her hair is jet black, running down to her waist and cut straight at the ends like her bangs. She is pale skinned, and her cold blue eyes and unmoving expression juxtaposes greatly with her warm and gentle voice. She wears a skin tight black body suit and matching heels and drapes simple white robes over it. Her robes are strange and alien, with a sky blue light pulsating across the robe’s details.

Behavior: Dian Cecht is reserved and soft spoken. She does not actively assist others, preferring to sit within her demiplane in solitude, but will help anyone in the matters of healing and medicine. From her accounts, even higher Presidents and Kings respect her power and treat her with dignity and respect despite her status as a Count.



76 - Count Dian Cecht

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