Pseudomonarchia Daemonium

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Item Type: Artifact

Details: The Branded who wander the planes have compiled the names of the known Primarchs into a single collection of tomes deemed the Pseudomonarchia Daemonium, kept by the Academy of Solomon and only accessible to those of an Engraved status or higher. All information regarding Primarchs is extremely valuable and usually incites monetary compensation in exchange for any legitimate information from the Branded who have forged a pact with the being in question.

It is known from the Key of Paradisio that 100 demiplanes exist within Purgatorio. While not every demiplane has been visited, scholars have recreated a map taken from the Key of Paradisio and assigned a number to every demiplane on the map. Additionally, it is known that every Primarch has a rank of honor bestowed upon them, as per their status as supreme being of their demiplane. These ranks and numbers are used to identify Primarchs and their native demiplanes. It is also generally assumed that higher ranking Primarchs bestow these titles onto lower ranking Primarchs, but the true purpose behind the titles is unknown. Still, many Primarchs are touchy about their title and wish their status to be observed and honored. The Primarch ranking order is as follows:

Kings and The Great Rulers
Marquises and Presidents
Dukes and Princes
Knights and Counts

The Primarchs encountered in the entire history of the Goetia are listed below in numerical order.

38 – Count Halphas
46 – Count Bifrons
50 – Knight Furcas
72 – Count Andromalius
73 – Count Kurtulmak
75 – Count Maglubiyet
76 – Count Dian Cecht
77 – Count Arawn

Pseudomonarchia Daemonium

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