38 - Count Halphas

Theme Song:

Classification Primarch
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Invocation: Cloud of Daggers
Habitat: Demiplane 38 – A grey mountainside littered with enormous, interconnected stone towers. Below, small rivers and lakes flow down what appears to be a steep and endless sloping cliff face.

Description: Count Halphas resembles a stork that stands just shy of 15 feet tall. His feathers are a deep blood red and he walks with a slow, analytical gaze. His voice resembles thunder, as it booms and echoes down the countless stone passageways.

Behavior: It has been stated by many that Count Halphas is a control freak, eager to control everything he can influence. His overbearing compulsions are treated with his favorite hobby: cataloging the endless supply of furniture, armor, weapons, household goods, and a plethora of other items that seemingly appear out of nowhere within his strongholds. He must account for every object in every room, and any little object out of place sends him into a fury.



38 - Count Halphas

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