46 - Count Bifrons

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Classification Primarch
Alignment: True Neutral
Invocation: Detect Poison and Disease
Habitat: Demiplane 46 – A featureless and never ending stone field littered corpses that rain endlessly form the grey skies Mountains of corpses surround small stone walkways used to navigate around the demiplane and enter massive stone crypts covered in the dead.

Description: Bifrons resembles a massive pile of fleshwarped corpses stuck together in agony after death. His gaping maw is constructed from the festering wounds and broken bodies of several mishmashed cadavers.

Behavior: Count Bifrons is a shockingly gentle creature. Not only is he understanding of human ignorance and lack of knowledge in the world, he has even assisted many researchers in the ways of arts, herbalism, and mineralogy, showing a level of intelligence unfitting of his grotesque form. When not engaged with humans, he works alongside undead servants moving the corpses that fall into his realm into proper crypts and performs funeral rights for the deceased.



46 - Count Bifrons

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