50 - Knight Furcas

Theme Song:

Classification Primarch
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Invocation: Burning Hands
Habitat: Demiplane 50 – A harsh and barren village that produces little food.

Description: Knight Furcas is a vile and fat old man, his stomach almost reaching beyond his own grasp. His spindly legs dangle pathetically as he strides atop his malnourished and neglected steed. He holds his rusted pitchfork with a sense of authority and honor, yet never hesitates to turn it upon the weak and helpless.

Behavior: Furcas is a cruel man, eager to pick on the weak for his own amusement. However, he becomes subservient to those more powerful than him.

Combat: Furcas is known to fight atop his dying steed, utilizing his pitchfork and fire magics to keep foes at bay


50 - Knight Furcas

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