72 - Count Andromalius

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Classification Primarch
Alignment: Lawful Good
Invocation: Detect Evil and Good
Habitat: Demiplane 72 – A massive city in the center of a small flatlands. Nearby, a small river flows gently into the lake hidden within the forest. The city is clean and welcoming, with a massive, white marble temple atop a flight of stairs in the center. Marble columns adorned with royal purple tapestries surround Andromalius’s conference chambers as he holds audience with his people.

Description: Andromalius resembles a giant man, standing tall at about 30 feet in height. He sits at the edge of his gilded throne, allowing one to see the wise, hardened expression he wears underneath his braided beard and golden mane. A massive serpent coils around his arm and rests in his hand, its eyes forever on watch for malice and injustice.

Behavior: Andromalius chooses to rule over his realm as an agent of justice. He works tirelessly to uphold the law and calls wrongdoers to answer for their actions.


Miscellaneous:The first pact ever established between humanity and the Primarchs was initiated by King Solomon Lemegeton XI and Count Andromalius.

72 - Count Andromalius

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