73 - Count Kurtulmak

Theme Song:

Classification Primarch
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Invocation: Knock
Habitat: Demiplane 73 – A large kobold den decorated with gemstones. Upon closer inspection, the majority of the gems seem to be fakes./p>

Description: Kurtulmak is a kobold of slightly larger stature with long horns that extend upwards and curl slightly back. He wears a fancy cape with a fur trim and atop his head rests a crown made of several gemstones stuck together in various ways. The crown is absurd and gaudy, resembling a stacked tower of gems that is slightly taller than himself.

Behavior: Kurtulmak behaves like all kobolds do, yet has a known hatred for gnomish adventurers. Kurtulmak is easily triggered by the sight of a Gnome and will attack immediately with reckless abandon.

Combat: Kurtulmak is not a threatening foe by himself, but the full wrath of the entire kobold den will descend upon anyone who attempts to harm him or take his treasures.


73 - Count Kurtulmak

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