77 - Count Arawn

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Classification Primarch
Alignment: True Neutral
Invocation: Speak with Dead
Habitat: Demiplane 77 – A bottomless pit with spires of bones towering from the abyss. The spires are interconnected with rope and bone bridges. The central spire is where Arawn sits atop his throne of bone.

Description: Count Arawn stands 10 feet tall and wears plate mail fashioned from ebony bones, covered in bloodstains and adorned with iron thorns. He sits at his throne with his massive claymore at his side.

Behavior:Count Arawn’s position in the afterlife sees that he must remain emotionally impartial, judging spirits based solely on who they were and what they did in life. Countless eons of this, however, have turned Arawn impatient and uninterested, seemingly bored with everything around him. While he used to take a more proactive role in his duties, much of the work has been relegated to the psychopomps spectral assistants Arawn has fashioned to do the work for him.He now prefers to burn time with trivial games of chance and luck.

Combat:Arawn fights in battle as a fearsome knight on the frontlines. His psychopomps fight alongside him.


77 - Count Arawn

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