The Noble Houses

Details: Paradigm is ruled by a council of noblemen of the most prominent noble houses and the king, Solomon Lemegeton XV, who all trace their origins to the original founders of the Key to Paradisio.

The Rite of Branding is bound to the noble houses due to the unknown phenomena of the Gates only reacting to their noble blood. What power deems a bloodline noble is unknown, but the methods of inscribing a Brand onto a man and the shards of the Key to Paradisio formed into the blades used to Brand have been entrusted to them to avoid unskilled Branding attempts causing needless deaths.

A noble family will act as a sponsor to an individual willing to undergo the Branding and carry out their interests across dimensional borders. The following is a list of the more prominent noble houses that sponsor the Engraved and their preferred areas of interest, although they are not the only ones to exist in the city and not restricted to the listed interests.

Major Noble Houses of Paradigm

House Lemegeton
House Callaghan
House Grannda
House O’Donnel
House McGrath
House Dugallach

The Noble Houses

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